Whether you’re a Starbucks coffee addict looking for your fix or a family wanting a trip that’s great for the kids and adults, Seattle is the spot for you. Not only is it known for its friendly locals and delicious seafood, the Emerald City is quickly becoming a must visit destination for tourists; just make sure to pack an umbrella!

The Food

Everyone needs to eat, so you might as well do it well. If you’re craving Asian infusion with a twist that is so authentically Seattle, go to Brimmer & Heeltap. The atmosphere is the perfect cozy neighborhood eatery paired with complete culinary innovation. The menu is constantly changing and the chef never disappoints. The patio isn’t so bad either and sometimes that’s all you need.

If it’s seafood you’re after, you’ll find it at The Walrus and the Carpenter. Famed for their amazing selection of oysters, make sure to get there as soon as you can or the line will keep you waiting.

For the more health-conscious traveler, Harvest Beat is an exciting local spot that takes veganism to a whole new level. The ambiance is relaxed but the food takes your mouth on a journey that is nothing short of Instagram worthy.

See the Sights

It’s no secret that this city has a slew of sights to experience. One of the main highlights is the world-famous Space Needle. There’s no better way to soak up Seattle than from the 520 foot Observation Deck. You can see Mt. Rainier, the North Cascades, and Elliott Bay all in one historic place. It’s the perfect place for a special moment or an unforgettable picture.

Next, check out Woodland Park Zoo. Located just 10 minutes from downtown, this place isn’t just your ordinary zoo. In fact, they’re working hard to save our wildlife. A portion of every dollar spent goes straight to animal conservation projects not only in the Northwest, but around the globe.

You can’t come to Seattle without a visit to Pike Place Market. This historic landmark, established in 1907, is Seattle’s central hub to all things fresh. Not only are you experiencing a famed slice of the city but also gaining access to the best farm-to-table eats available, crafts markets, and more than 200 local shops.


Now, more than ever, Seattle’s retail scene is thriving. After all, it is the city that birthed Nordstroms. If you consider your thirst for simplicity, check out Totokaelo.This brand is beloved by locals for its chic minimalist edge. It doesn’t just stop at clothing; the shop gives a gallery feeling and is the perfect place for accessories and art as well. Conveniently located near Pike Place Market, the modern Baby & Company is an oasis of fashionable indulgence. Though this place my not house the typical brands you see back home, it is the perfect spot to discover brands from overseas.

If you love old more than new, head to Fremont Vintage Mall. There is no doubt that you’ll leave with the perfect vintage treasure. This expansive space is packed with uniquely curated clothing, furniture, and trinkets, sure to be the envy of your friends.

Family Fun

Seattle never makes you compromise on interests when it comes to traveling with the family. One of our favorite stops is the The Seattle Aquarium. Dive in to the six fascinating exhibits: Window on Washington Waters, Life on the Edge, Pacific Coral Reef, Underwater Dome, Birds & Shores, and Marine Mammals, and learn all about the tenants of the Pudget Sound and beyond. Grab your tickets here.

For the art lover, Olympic Sculpture Park is your spot. Not only are the incomparable views of both the Pudget Sound and the Olympic Mountains a treat for the eye but the innovative sculptures are the perfect addition to the natural backdrop. For an added bonus, admission is completely free.

Children and adults alike will enjoy The Pacific Science Center. Far from your typical museum, these exhibits come to life and allow visitors to get a hands on experience. Check out The Tinker Tank for a truly immersive, creative, and scientific experience. Get tickets here.

Rain or shine, the city of Seattle is bound to leave a lasting impression on you.  If your group is in need of charter bus, shuttle, or entertainer bus rentals during your visit to Seattle, call us at 206-257-3880 and our reservation specialists will help you find the perfect vehicle for your trip.